Color uniformity is an important part of presenting branded materials. Crimson (Pantone Matching System color No. 208) and white are NMSU’s official colors and should be featured most prominently in print and digital media. For background on the printing process, check out this page on color reproduction for printing.

Using the Color Palette: Crimson and White Dominate

Crimson and white are used generously on official communications such as business cards, letterhead and presentations, as well as on a broad range of marketing materials and on the Web. The other colors on NMSU’s color palette are for accents only and best used sparingly.

Tips: Matching the Colors

Whether you are developing print or digital media, it is critical to use the proper color breakdown so that NMSU’s color palette is represented in an accurate and consistent manner.

  • Design software allows you to choose between CMYK (print) and RGB (digital) outputs, and to customize each depending on the type of media on which the colors will be displayed, print or digital.
  • If a professional printer is printing your piece, please verify with them that the file you sent is in the proper format and includes the correct color breakdowns, especially for crimson.

Listed below each swatch are the breakdowns for CMYK (print), RGB (digital) and Web.

  • For websites and Web applications, please use a slightly limited color palette. The Web letters/numbers are generally used in coding language for websites. Any of the colors shown with a code below can be used on the Web.

*Check with your printer to verify you have the correct CMYK breakdown for PMS 208.

**Accent Grays are to be used for backgrounds and buttons on the web.

If you have any questions, contact Marketing Services at 575-646-7557.

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Using Tinting in Print

To add contrast to your print design, you may utilize tinting. In the four-color print process, secondary color PMS 124 may be screened back as necessary. This option works well to highlight important areas of the piece and should be used sparingly. Note: All other colors need to be used full strength.

In one- and two-color printing, black may be screened back as necessary.