In today’s global marketplace, NMSU competes with academic institutions across the state, nation and around the world, making it more important than ever to project a single, readily identifiable image of excellence to the public. Our logo is the common thread throughout all university digital and print communications, and establishes credibility immediately.

For these reasons, the official NMSU logo should be used consistently in all NMSU communications, digital and print. Avoid altering the NMSU logo in any way.

NMSU encourages its departments, laboratories and other units to use the official NMSU logo for identification and promotion on educational materials (posters, presentation and conference items, for example). Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the official NMSU logo.


  1. The official NMSU logo must not be altered or modified in any way (for examples, see the “How to Reproduce the Official NMSU Logo” section below).
  2. When partnerships (with external funding agencies, other universities or government labs) require using the official NMSU logo and the outside partner’s logo, that setup should be reviewed by NMSU Marketing Services to ensure proper use. However, the official NMSU logo can be displayed (without being combined or altered in any way) as a partner logo.
  3. When planning an NMSU special event (e.g. Homecoming) that may involve a theme logo in addition to the official NMSU logo, the group planning the special event should coordinate with NMSU Marketing Services for approval of a limited use, special event logo.

Non-educational and retail uses: Third parties and NMSU personnel seeking to use the official NMSU logo or other protected trademarks for promoting non-educational events or for retail purposes must follow restrictions outlined in a licensing agreement, which is administered by IMG College Licensing. Coordinate with IMG College Licensing via email at If you have any questions, please contact NMSU Marketing Services at 575-646-7557 or


The advisory logo committee: University Communications and Marketing Services may convene, on an ad hoc basis, an advisory logo committee. The committee provide assistance and advice regarding the proposed use of the official NMSU logo and/or other protected trademarks.

University seal: The seal is restricted for use by and for the Board of Regents and the Office of the Chancellor, with limited exceptions as authorized by the Board of Regents or the Chancellor. The official university seal shall be used only for formal university business, including but not limited to, the diplomas issued to graduates, select and official documents and commemorative items and awards. Requests or questions on usage should be directed to the NMSU Chancellor/President’s Office, Chief of Staff at 575-646-2035.


Athletics logos: The NMSU Department of Athletics provides a variety of logos, or marks, representing the spirit and tradition of the university, while also including elements of the school’s Western heritage. These logos are controlled under a licensing program administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

To ensure quality and to track distribution of these logos, individuals or groups producing articles with trademarked graphics should use licensed CLC-approved vendors, who have the appropriate formats and protocol for accurately reproducing all NMSU athletic marks.

Groups or individuals intending to retail a product displaying an NMSU Athletics logo, or mark, must pay the proper royalty fee or discuss a waiver of the fee with the Department of Athletics. University departments, organizations, clubs or subsidiaries of the school are not required to pay royalties on items used for internal distribution and that are not for profit or sale.

For more information, contact Ellen Jaffe Castello at 575-646-7557 or


The primary mark of NMSU Athletics features Pistol Pete.


Still have questions? Please contact NMSU Marketing Services at 575-646-7557 or

The official NMSU logo should appear prominently on all communications representing the university. Below are more specific instructions on the use of the logo in digital and print media.


  • Use the official NMSU page header that contains the official logo.
  • The NMSU logo should link to the NMSU Home Page at
  • Aside from the page header, the NMSU logo should appear rarely, if at all, on your NMSU website.

Generic NMSU web banner

The NMSU logo as it appears in the official Web page header. The logo should link to


  • Size matters: Logo must be at least a half-inch high.
    • Use the logo with the word “University” when the logo is larger than 1 inch.
    • Use the logo without the word “University” when the logo is 1 inch or smaller.
  • The color of the background you are placing the logo on should determine whether you use a crimson, black or white logo. Make your decision based on what will give the logo the greatest visibility.
  • Use the logo with the tagline and logo setup if your design permits (see below). Please note the crimson box below is one example of how to use the logo setup, see logo setup section below for colleges and department examples.



Avoiding alterations

Improper use of the logo, either in print or on the Web, damages its ability to clearly and consistently represent the university. Do not use logo inside of other images to create new artwork.