Images are often the first elements of communications people notice, and it’s important that NMSU branded communications have a uniform, readily identifiable look.

Below are our brand’s key visual elements. Follow the links for more information about the visual elements.

Official Logo and Tagline — NMSU’s distinctive logo, and other marks, serve as central pieces of our visual identity. They unite and impart credibility to NMSU media. NMSU’s tagline (All About Discovery!) quickly communicates to all audiences our proud tradition of advancing academic, personal and professional success.

Color — The NMSU color palette is an important part of presenting consistent visuals in printed and digital communications.

Photography — The use of branded photography in print and digital media quickly conveys to audiences a true picture of our campuses, and the faculty, staff and students who make up the NMSU family.

Typeface — Primarily, NMSU is represented in print and digital by “Gotham” and “Open Sans.” NMSU uses a selection of typefaces from each font family.


NMSU’s brand elements come together in media across the system. The section below features some of the best applications of the NMSU brand in a wide variety of print and digital materials.

See the NMSU brand showcase