Downloads and Templates

Downloads & Templates

Download templates for your office communications, events, and presentation needs. Check out the file layout menu and office themes within each document for various background colors and layouts.

Read through the brand site to make sure you understand rules, guidelines and how everything works together before using these assets to create university-related promotions. These assets are only to be used for official university communications. Do not use them to promote private businesses or for individual purposes.

If you have any questions or problems as you use these assets, contact Marketing Services at 575-646-7557.


NEW PPT Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are available in standard and widescreen format. Each PowerPoint template contains three different presentation title slides and two divider slides to choose from.

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Template Description and SizeDownload PowerPoint FormatDownload InDesign Format
Presentation Slides (PPT Template)Standard Format, 10" x 7.5"
PowerPoint Presentation Template Download
Clicks: 822, File Size: 3.2 MB, Date: 26.Nov.2018
Presentation Slides (PPT Template)Widescreen Format, 13.33" x 7.5"
Widescreen PowerPoint Presentation Template Download
Clicks: 426, File Size: 3.2 MB, Date: 16.Jan.2019
Color Palette (PDF Download)
NMSU Color Palette
Clicks: 672, File Size: 21.9 KB, Date: 18.Nov.2018
PosterTabloid, 11" x 17"
Poster - PPT Format
Clicks: 842, File Size: 105.7 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Poster - InDesign Format
Clicks: 320, File Size: 27.4 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Newsletter 1 page1 page, 8.5" x 11" (Standard Letter)
Fact Sheet - PPT Format
Clicks: 722, File Size: 75.8 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Fact Sheet - InDesign Format
Clicks: 384, File Size: 11.9 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Newsletter 4 pages4 pages, 8.5" x11" (Standard Letter)
Newsletter - PPT Format
Clicks: 512, File Size: 142.7 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Newsletter - InDesign Format
Clicks: 264, File Size: 79.7 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Folded NotecardFolded, 5.5" x 8.5"
Folded Notecard - PPT Format
Clicks: 428, File Size: 99.9 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Folded Notecard - InDesign Format
Clicks: 216, File Size: 26.5 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Flyer2-Up, 8.5" x 11"
Flyer - PPT Format
Clicks: 794, File Size: 114.9 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Flyer - InDesign Format
Clicks: 387, File Size: 10.3 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Flyer, Small Poster8.5" x 11" (Standard Letter)
Flyer, Small Poster - PPT Format
Clicks: 631, File Size: 125.8 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Flyer, Small Poster - InDesign Format
Clicks: 368, File Size: 7.4 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Document Cover Page8.5" x 11" (Standard Letter)
Document Cover Page - PPT Format
Clicks: 829, File Size: 132.4 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Document Cover Page - InDesign Format
Clicks: 331, File Size: 26.5 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Tri-Fold BrochureDouble Sided, 8.5" x 11" (Standard Letter)
Brochure - PPT Format
Clicks: 457, File Size: 138.1 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Brochure - InDesign Format
Clicks: 223, File Size: 71.9 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
BookletFolded, 5.5" x 8.5" (Standard Letter)
Booklet - PPT Format
Clicks: 386, File Size: 116.2 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Booklet - InDesign Format
Clicks: 212, File Size: 17.9 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Postcard (Mailing)4" x 6"
Postcard - PPT Format
Clicks: 405, File Size: 108.5 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Postcard - InDesign Format
Clicks: 211, File Size: 63.2 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Facebook ProfileSquare, 180 x 180 px
Facebook Profile - PPT Format
Clicks: 374, File Size: 100.0 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Instagram or LinkedIn Logo Profile Circle, 400 x 400 px
Avatar (Instagram or LinkedIn - PPT Format
Clicks: 361, File Size: 96.8 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Instagram or LinkedIn Photo Profile Circle, 400 x 400 px
Photo Avatar (Instagram or LinkedIn) - PPT Format
Clicks: 342, File Size: 2.2 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
Twitter Profile Square, 400 x 400 px
Twitter Profile - PPT Format
Clicks: 349, File Size: 101.3 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
YouTube Channel ArtSafe Zones Marked, 2560 x 1440 px
YouTube Channel Art - PPT Format
Clicks: 339, File Size: 2.2 MB, Date: 12.Nov.2018
WordPress Theme, Version 2.3
NMSU WordPress Theme 2.3
Clicks: 273, File Size: 1.8 MB, Date: 26.Mar.2019
Web Developer Templates, Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS
NMSU Bootstrap Developer Templates
Clicks: 330, File Size: 211.4 KB, Date: 12.Nov.2018