The information we post online should be quickly accessible and visually consistent with the NMSU brand. The more intuitive and simple the organization, the more likely the user will interact with and return to the site.  Websites should be able to stand alone and give visitors a sense of the brand and provide them with the opportunity to explore the extensive reach NMSU has across the state, nation, and around the world.

The Web styles identified here apply to all official university Web pages and guide the development of other forms of digital media, including that of applications (both web and mobile) and social media presences. Web standards and guidelines are important to ensure that we have a unified Web presence. Official NMSU pages should appear visually related in order to preserve and promote the university brand identity and provide an optimal user experience.

Consistency and Visual Identity

The web standards and guidelines apply to official university Web pages and web-based applications.

Official University websites  

Official websites include the websites and pages created by entities of New Mexico State University including, but not limited to, its colleges, schools, departments, research centers and administrative offices that represent New Mexico State University.

No official university website is permitted to use generic WordPress themes or HTML pages that do not adhere to the standards and guidelines provided.

Unofficial University Websites

Unofficial university websites may use any of the available WordPress themes, including the NMSU WordPress theme or other forms of Web development. Unofficial websites include the websites and pages created by entities of New Mexico State University including, but not limited to, individual Web sites and pages created by University employees, faculty, staff, students and student organizations to represent individuals, groups or organizations.

Unofficial university websites must contain the following disclaimer:  “This content is provided for the enrichment and instructional the use of the author; it is not created or maintained by NMSU.”   

Partner Websites

Partner Websites are websites that are created in collaboration with other universities and outside entities, such as externally funded grant and research programs.  Partner websites are permitted to use the official NMSU WordPress theme or developer templates. Partner websites may also elect to use generic WordPress themes and develop their own HTML pages.  Partner websites are excluded from the unofficial university website disclaimer.

 Design Elements

All forms of digital media including websites, applications, and social media presences should follow the brand guidelines for colortypography, voice and tone, and imagery.  Please note that there are limitations in the allowed color palette for web and digital media.


NMSU’s brand elements come together in media across the system. The section below features some of the best applications of the NMSU brand in a wide variety of print and digital materials.

See the NMSU brand showcase