A Message about Branding

As we transition to the future of higher education, it’s important to tell our unique story in a unified way. The use of consistent messaging and imagery strengthens our brand, helping us develop public awareness of all the important things we do.

Using the tools provided on the “Discover the NMSU Brand” website will help your communications materials align with NMSU’s purpose, guiding principles and actions.

Thank you,

The NMSU Marketing Services team

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Getting Started

There are many facets to applying the NMSU brand. This site is full of resources to help you.  Here are a few to get you started.


About Our Brand

NMSU’s unique characteristics are the foundation of our brand. This section details how NMSU’s purpose, principles and achievements shape our brand.


How to Apply the Brand

Consistent use of the proper elements strengthens NMSU’s brand. This section shows the NMSU brand elements and how to use them.