Typefaces, or fonts, have different personalities and can change the tone of the words they convey. NMSU uses a distinct selection of typefaces, which are shown below, to establish and strengthen our brand.

Primary Headlines

For Print and Digital Communications (Video and Interactive Media)

The Gotham family

You can use "Black," "Medium" and "Book" styles for headlines in your materials. NMSU has limited licenses for this font family. "Open Sans (light and extra bold)" can be downloaded for free and used a as a substitute for Gotham. You can download Open Sans directly from the Google Font Directory.“Tahoma (bold and regular)” comes pre-installed on most desktop computers. This font should only be used in Microsoft templates.



Body Copy for Digital Communications

Including video and interactive media

Open Sans, Tahoma


Body Copy for Print Communications

Adobe Garamond, Times New Roman

"Adobe Garamond" and "Times New Roman" can be used as a substitute and is available on most computers.




  • Use only two or three different font styles and sizes in a single printed piece
  • Keep the typefaces proportional; do not stretch or skew them
  • Ensure that the typeface sizes are easy to read

The NMSU logo contains the Rotis font, and that will remain. However, Rotis will no longer be used as part of any other text. See above for information about available typefaces. NMSU Marketing and Communications will no longer distribute Rotis across campus. If you have questions, or need updated materials, please contact mktgserv@nmsu.edu.

Web Fonts

Web Fonts Header and Web Banner Typeface
  • The university’s official logo and tagline on the web is "Gotham." Web site names uses "Open Sans." Colleges and central administrative units are encouraged to create site banners using the "Open Sans" typeface to maintain a consistent Web presence.
HTML Typefaces
  • University Web sites should use Open Sans for all HTML text.
Headlines (H1 – H6 Tags) and Section Headers
  • HTML headlines and section headers can use any of the fonts approved for university Web sites. HTML Headlines should be bold, 700 font weight.