Our top-level priorities are to improve student success, elevate research and creativity, and to significantly amplify our outreach and economic development efforts. 

Working together, we must ensure we have the highest quality instruction and degree programs. We will continue to attract top-tier faculty from around the globe. Our students will become highly qualified leaders ready for the work of tomorrow. We will endeavor to align our research with the most pressing challenges of our region and the world.


We are called to address global challenges that:


Fortify K-16 Education

As a country, our education system needs help. It‘s no longer about waiting for high schools to provide students for us. It’s incumbent upon us to initiate programs that help students come better prepared to enter college.


Create Healthy Borders

We have tremendous opportunities to create economic development across the border. We also want to lead in shaping the conversation on Pan-American trade, cultural exchange and economic growth across the region.


Modernize our critical infrastructure

With a collection of partners across the region, we can build our existing strengths in water, food, energy, IT and agriculture all the while preparing our students with relevant skills for the modern workplace.



BE BOLD. Shape the Future.®: This is a phrase that is indicative of what is to come – we are bold, we are fearless. We will search for new innovation in the classroom, in the lab and outside of NMSU. We will deliver solutions for the future, creating change. We look forward to accomplishing this with each of you.


The tagline "BE BOLD. Shape the Future." is a registered trademark of New Mexico State University. All rights reserved.